Acoustic and Electric Guitar and Bass

I can do most common repairs such as: 

·         Regular guitar set ups
·         Fret Buzz 
·         Fret dents 
·         Electronic problems 
·         Changing of pickups   
·         Cracks 
·         String height (also known as action) 
·         Pick guard changes

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LUTHIER services


I work out of my home basement. This helps me stay competitive and lower my cost to can save you money.

 A LUTHIER is someone who works on stringed instruments.

I specialize in guitar and bass repair and I have over 20 years experience in woodworking and have been trained professionally in the art of guitar repair.

Having been a musician for most of my life and in several bands, I understand the personal connection between player and instrument.

I will see to it that your instrument gets the personal care it deserves.

My shop is in my basement, which allows me to provide services at fair and reasonable rates.

I carry full liability insurance  for your protection and peace of mind!

I also have secuity cameras and a alarm system.

Contact me with any questions.